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Why buy a SUKI Dehumidifier?

SUKI developed the first dehumidifier in 1989 with over 40,000 units sold in Australasia alone.

We continue to have an important input in the design and manufacture of all our machines due to the high level of workmanship and reliability required in this price driven market we now live in. We will not sacrifice a few dollars to bring you the cheapest dehumidifier; we insist on quality and reliability…that’s why we have been in business all this time.

We also pride ourselves in after sales service. Isn’t it nice to know that if anything happens to your machine we will always carry the spare parts to repair or replace any accidently damaged parts?

With amazing features such as:

-  LCD and LED display window that shows your current relative humidity (R/H) / Moisture levels

-  Advanced electronic PCB

-  Variable touch button humidistat to set your dehumidifier to the desired R/H level

-  Current room temperature display

-  Convenient built in heater (Model: WDH 928DBH-20R) 

-  2 speed fan

-  Automatic shut off when bucket is full

-  Continuous drain option (No bucket to empty)

-   Timer

-   Washable air filter

-   Castors for ease of manoeuvrability

-   3 year warranty

- extraction rate of up to 50 Litres of moisture per Day (Model: EUR-505)