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Is moisture damaging your home?

SUKI flooding picDehumidifiers can reduce the potential damage to wood, paper, furnature, drapes, expensive electrical items and other materials that are sensitive to moisture. Serious moisture problems can cause irreversible damage to the structure of a home or other buildings.

SUKI Dehumidifiers are  also a great option for controlling moisture, especially in basements where moisture tends to build the most, causing mould and destroying valuable stored items.

Moisture is known to cause serious problems to expensive electronics and cameras not to mention the buildup of mould on your favorite leather jacket or shoes can be just as devastating. Mould will breed on just about any surface so act now and stop the buildup of moisture  in your home with a SUKI dehumidifier.

If that’s not enough did you know high moisture levels and humidity can be detrimental to your health

We all like to consider our home a safe haven - Could your home be making you sick?