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Do I need a dehumidifier if I have A/C?


The General answer to this question is  yes – for a number of reasons

If you have a humid house and you use an air conditioning to combat this most A/C thermostats in houses turn on/off when you reach your desired temperature

The A/C  does not factor  the humidity. If the thermostat doesn’t turn on the A/C, then no dehumidifying takes place.

Many people have the notion that your Air conditioner reduces the humidity. Well yes it can but not like a
dehumidifier that is portable and can be moved around the home. Not only that but high humidity not only causes discomfort but can also make your A/C work much harder to cope with the high levels of humidity.

A dehumidifier not only keeps you comfortable but may reduce your A/C bill…Remember; it’s the HUMIDITY that makes you hot, not the HEAT. In a lot of cases by using a suki dehumidifier you may not feel the urge to use your A/C as often or for as long a period, saving you on your power bill.

If you experience cold winters. Damp air requires at least 30% more energy to heat than dry air.

A dehumidifier turns on/off based on the relative humidity (R/H), so if you’re aiming for a certain R/H (say 50-60% in the summer), you’ll need a dehumidifier to make sure you consistently reach that R/H.

If your A/C is on constantly (especially during the heat wave  or through the winter for a heating system ), then it does dehumidify slightly, this will entail the A/C  being run constantly through out the summer/winter months  which would be costly, However running a SUKI Dehumidifier in conjuntion with your current A/C system may reduce cost significantly to the homeowner. Your basement will also be effected due to lack of airflow especially with the humidity in the summer so a SUKI dehumidifier is an inevitable purchase.

* Please refer to Product Page for the running costs of our SUKI dehumidifier products.